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Gone Gitmo Launches on Monday, September 17th at 10:30 AM PST

USC Institute for Media Literacy and the Seton Hall School of Law will be launching on Monday a "Virtual Guantanamo" to focus on public policy issues surrounding

Kiva in Second Life: Interview With Official SL Volunteers

Second Life kiva.org volunteer: Julles Boucher

Kiva.org, a micro-finance organization, has funded nearly 17,0000 loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries and last week crossed the $11 million rank. Kiva.org has already had a very big year, funding about $9 million worth of loans so far, and having been featured in the mainstream media including the Wall Street Journal and on ABC News.  With the assistance of dedicated volunteers, Kiva also maintains a presence on different social networking sites and has recently established a presence on Second Life through the Techsoup Nonprofits Commons Project


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According wikipedia:

A Griefer is a slang term used to describe a player in an multiplayer video game who plays the game simply to cause grief to other players through harassment. Griefing could be considered a malignant form of emergent gameplay.

Community Spotlight: Metrocake McLeod

Metrocake McLeod: Roe Bianculli, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America

Why is your nonprofit doing work in second life? What do you hope to achieve?

Nonprofits Launch Party Rocks The Sim!

Is Peter Morville still a babe in Second Life?

The short answer is yet.

Here's the long answer

Peter Morville will give his or her first talk in Second Life on Friday, July 27th. Enjoy!

Transcript from Bluewave Ogee's Talk from Jully 20th Meeting

Talking Point Notes for Bluewave Ogee's Brief Talk on Friday July 20 at Weekly Meeting of the Nonprofit Commons:

"Thanks, Everyone, for letting me talk a little about what's still an
emerging effort with our group, the Non-Profit Global Network (NPGN). Like many of you, it's taking longer than anticipated! :-)

BlogHers in Second Life

The BlogHer Conference is taking place in Chicago on July 27-29th. There will also be a conference in Second Life.

Here's the schedule

On Friday, July 27th, there is a session that is of interest to those who work with nonprofits and second life:

Session #3: Getting It On(line) for a Cause
Audio to be streamed live from Chicago into Hyperstring.net island with Second Life discussion and panel to follow

Dutch NGO opens "Good Causes Island"

via the Mind Blizzard blog There's again news from the Dutch NGO front:
Yesterday saw the opening of a Dutch NGO island, called "Goede Doelen eiland" (good causes island). The island is a presentation of the Dutch Red Cross and the Dutch Fund for Disability Sports. The island is sponsored by Dutch bankers ABN Amro and the Free University of Amsterdam (VUA) and was build by students of the VUA.

Videos, Podcasts, and Post-Event Analysis at MacArthur Foundation Blog Available!

On June 22, MacArthur Foundation President Jonathan Fanton and Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale (a.k.a. Philip Linden) had an historic conversation about how virtual worlds could revolutionize philanthropy. At the event, Fanton also announced that the foundation would begin a year-long investigation into virtual worlds, including making some in-world grants through the USC Annenberg Center on Public Diplomacy.

The MacArthur Foundation blog has recently posted the complete event documentation, including pointers to articles and blog posts, podcasts, and videos.


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