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Walk Into A Van Gogh


Tressis is a Dutch company with experience in Virtual Worlds and has been an interactive exhibit of Van Gogh paintings in Second Life.  You can actually step into the painting itself.  Wow!

To visit directly, click here.

Reflections on Walk the World Fight Hunger Second Life Event

From Fight Hunger's Flickr Stream.  More photos of real life and virtual world event here.

Susanne Thornqvst of Fight Hunger shared a report on the Walk the World Event on May 13th.  Rik Riel has blogged it over t here.

I did a follow up interview with Susanne to find out what they learned.


Help achieve a world free of multiple sclerosis (MS) by soaring into the virtual world June 11th through 17th. The MS Fly - an expansion of the National MS Societyʼs successful annual walk, is an engaging and interactive adventure dedicated to ending the unpredictable and chronic disease.

Second Life in Education Discussion

Via Cogdog Flickr Stream

Yesterday on Twitter,  Alan Levine (cogdog) started tweeting about a Stephen Downes talk in Second Life.

Cogdog barked a few tweets:

Community Member Spotlight: Stacy Narayan

Information Architecture Inst. (IAI)
Nonprofit Commons 10
Stacy Narayan/Stacy Surla

Why is your organization in Second Life?

To look and see what the practice of information architecture has to offer in the design of shared information spaces, like Second Life. To look and see if any IA-type work. Second, to use SL as a platform for our worldwide community of practice

Community Member Spotlight: Meet Rebus Mandelbrot

Matt Cowley, Webmaster, WMNF Community Radio
NPCommons Tenant: Space 30
Web Site

Listener-supported, non-commercial, Radio that plays eclectic music and progressive independent news and public radio news.

"We're here to create a virtual radio station in SL, independent news and public affairs, entertainment and fundraising. We'd like to present speeches and talks for discussion, put on concerts, and things we haven't realized are possible yet."

Second Life Walks the World - Fight Hunger

My Virtual Ubuntu T-Shirt

At today's Nonprofit Commons meeting, someone gave me an ubuntu t-shirt. I couldn't resist adding to my t-shirt collection.

We're Getting Closer!

We had a brief meeting on Wednesday about the Nonprofit Commons Space and Tuesday Gutierrez/SaveGuimaras Wind will be the in-world liaison. Stay tuned for more news ...

Friday, March 30th Meeting - The Nonprofit Commons Field Trip

This week, we ended our meeting by visiting the Nonprofit Commons.

Here's the SLURL

Frank would like:

To reiterate and for those who weren't at the meeting

Please cruise the nonprofit commons and email any problems you find to me, with a short description and coordinates. Coordinates are very important so that I can find the problem and pass it on to the ACS design team.


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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