Dutch NGO opens "Good Causes Island"

via the Mind Blizzard blog There's again news from the Dutch NGO front:
Yesterday saw the opening of a Dutch NGO island, called "Goede Doelen eiland" (good causes island). The island is a presentation of the Dutch Red Cross and the Dutch Fund for Disability Sports. The island is sponsored by Dutch bankers ABN Amro and the Free University of Amsterdam (VUA) and was build by students of the VUA.

The 'fun' part of the island is the Stadium for the Dutch Fund for Disability Sports. In the stadium it is possible to go for a wheelchair race. Both organisations are looking for new ways of fundraising and are looking into the possibilities in Virtual Worlds.



I went here and there was no place to contact anyone

I clicked a sign and was TP'ed to another location. It was a disaster scene, from what I could interpret (it was not in english). There were a bunch of flames and debris and someone getting rescued. It was hard to tell what it was about. I hope I can contact one of their reps soon, so they can tell us more about what they are trying to do in-world. The Red Cross Headquarters in interesting, thoguh, it's kind of like a sound stage for the film MASH.


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