Nonprofits In Second Life FAQ

    What is the mission of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life?
    The mission of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is to create a community of practice for nonprofits to explore and learn about virtual worlds, foster connections, and explore the many ways in which nonprofits might utilize the unique environment of Second Life to achieve their missions.

    Who runs the Nonprofit Commons (NPC)?
    The Nonprofit Commons is managed by team of volunteer managers under the direction and oversight of the nonprofit organization, TechSoup Global. TechSoup Global's Susan Tenby, aka Glitteractica Cookie, is the founder and directing manager of the Nonprofits in Second Life community.

    How is TechSoup related to the Nonprofit Commons?
    TechSoup Global is the nonprofit organization behind the management of the Nonprofit Commons. While the community itself is volunteer-run, TechSoup Global pays the ongoing administrative costs and land tier costs for the in-world islands of the Nonprofit Commons.

    How are donations to the Nonprofit Commons directed?
    Any donations made to the Nonprofit Commons are processed through TechSoup Global. 100% of donations made to the Nonprofit Commons project via TechSoup go directly to the Nonprofit Commons.

    How do I convince my board members/supervisor/organization/etc. that Second Life is worthwhile?
    Because Second Life and virtual worlds are still relatively new mediums, making the case for the value of Second Life work is often a challenge. You can see the real-world impact of nonprofit work in Second Life by checking out this page of our wiki that includes our latest 1-pager about Nonprofit Commons, as well as other impact reports and testimonials. Please feel free to contact the management team as they can also provide you with additional information to demonstrate the value of Second Life work for nonprofits.

    Why can't I join the Nonprofit Commons in-world group? What's the difference between this group and the TechSoup in-world group?

    The Nonprofit Commons in-world group is for Nonprofit Commons tenants only. The TechSoup group is open for anyone that wants to join. We send all important communications pertaining to Nonprofits in Second Life events and news to both groups.

    I need the NPC and/or TechSoup logo. Where can I find it?

    Is there a notecard or blurb about each island and more information about Nonprofit Commons?
    Yes there is, feel free to pick one up from any of our landing areas. Please also see our About page.

    What's the process for becoming an NPC tenant? Is the process the same for each location?

This page of our wiki outlines the process for becoming a tenant. The process is the same for each NPC location.

    The weekly meetings are at a time that I can almost never make. Can I still be involved? Can we have the meetings at a different time?
    We realize the time is difficult for some time zones, but this is an established time that works for the greatest number of people in our community.You can definitely still be involved. We post the http://npsl.wiki.techsoup.org/Weekly+Meetings
    ">text chat of our weekly meetings to the wiki and Google Group each week so everyone can stay up-to-date on our meeting happenings. We have many networking and other community events that occur at other times throughout the week. Please see the Events Calendar for more details.

    I want to volunteer, what can I do?
    There are many things you can do to volunteer, many of which do not require Second Life expertise. You can take a look at our Volunteer Rolesto see what task(s) you are interested in and then contact the Volunteer Manager whose email is listed at the top of this page .

    How do I get access to edit the wiki?
    The wiki is open to anyone to read. If you would like to edit the wiki, click the "Join" button at the top right corner of the page and fill out a username, login, and your reason for joining. Your request will go to the Nonprofit Commons management team who will approve you so you will have the ability to edit the wiki.

    Click the "Create a New Account" link on the left-side panel of the Nonprofit Commons blog. Fill out a username and profile. Once you've done so, email NonprofitCommons@techsoup.org and let us know your username. The management team will then set you up as a blogger.

    Where can I get more information and connect with Nonprofit Commons in Second Life?"?
    For more about NPC, see:

* Blog
* Community Wiki
* Presentations about NPSL work
* Images available at Flickr photostream
* Community tagging (blog articles, news, relevant links)
* Twitter
* LinkedIn

    What if I still have questions that aren't answered here?


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