It's official: SLCC Nonprofit mini-track will be produced and organized by Glitteractica and Rik Riel

Please check back on the SLCC Blog for details, as it gets closer to September, there will be more informaiton. Remember that we have a Wiki Page where you can volunteer and post your ideas. So far, we have a pretty solid idea of the four sessions (or so) that will be featured in that mini-track. We are still looking for sponsorships, so please contact me, if you are interested in being a sponsor!

Also, if you want to attend, let me know about that too.


mini track


Let me know if I can help in any way.


Track Sessions

Here are the six sessions we included in the Nonprofit Track draft proposal. These were the session ideas posted on the wiki at the time we were putting the proposal together. Full draft document posted here:

1. Getting Started: A Nonprofit's Guide to SL and Connecting With the NPSL Community / Selling Your Organization on SL: How to talk to your boss, your benefactor or your board about the benefits and value of SL
Potential Speakers: Susan Tenby, Schlink Lardner, Malin Coleridge, Buffy Bye
(Note: we have condensed two panels together here, so we’ve added a bit of extra time to this session - or we may decide to make it a 15 min. break instead)

2. Global Bridgebuilding: Building communities, coalitions and alliances between organizations in Second Life, sponsored by Amoration and the International Humanities Center
Potential Speakers: In Kenzo (Evonne Henning), Shava Suntzu, Jade Lily (also Rik, Nexeus, Susan, Hamlet or others who have participated in 5+ events)

3. Fundraising Success Stories: Three case studies of orgs raising significant amounts of real money in SL
Moderator: In Kenzo (Evonne Henning)
Potential Speakers: will likely include additional inworld participants

4. Interactive Activism: Two years of the Camp Darfur campaign, and why we need more grassroots efforts in SL

5. Teaching and Moderating in SL: Initial Best Practices. The virtual environment presents new and exciting opportunities for those seeking to lead collaborative meetings or teach classes. A conversation analysis of meeting transcripts for the NPC, over eight months, yielded a list of best practice suggestions for moderators and teachers in SL. These weekly NPC meetings have grown from approximately ten to forty attendees over the past year and have been highly successful in terms of outcomes. Potential Speakers: Ozma Malibu

6.Building a Foundation for Virtual Worlds as the New Public Domain: A discussion on the establishment of a nonprofit to steward the virtual landscape (foundations & nonprofits in SL and beyond in one common movement)

Global Kids will participate but no longer are co-producers

Rik Riel and Global Kids are now planning to focus on Education track, more than the Nonprofit track. Therefore, although they will more than likely participate in the conference, they will not be the co-producers.

People interested in planning/helping assemble the panel and fund-raising:

  • Zazoom Zimminy
  • Kali Idziak
  • ShaunG Lynch
  • Rebus Mandelbrot
  • Veri Oddfellow
  • In Kenzo
  • Shlink Landner
  • Khrys Kanto

Join our space and help out here:



I like the track suggested sessions. We want to make sure to answer the basic questions: Why should I attend? Are there tools I can make use of? Will I walk away with resources? Are the speakers experienced? Will I make $10,000 US at my first event inworld (Didn't American Cancer Society raise $115,000 last year?)

A couple of other suggestions:

It would be helpful to have a limited number of copies of the articles cited on this page (Offsite Links Tagged NPSL) so folks can look and see if they want to download them for themselves, or at least to reference them and provide the URL.

We should offer the URL to sign up for the Nonprofit Commons web pages/resources.

See if we can get Randal Moss, from American Cancer Society (ACS) or his SL organizers to come and talk about how they suceeded and what others could do to begin to build their own networks and fundraising efforts inworld.

It would also be helpful to new folks to pop the bubble, a bit, so to speak. Not everyone is ACS or Kiva or other larger, more well-known nonprofits. Helping folks to know that they should have reasonable expectations is a good thing.

Also, making the point that awareness, funds and connections don't "magically" happen inworld, that they take staf time, attention and a presence. (Don't mean to be a wet blanket, but Great Strides first effort had 50 attendees and raised less than $100US. However, our second inworld effort reached many more and resulted in nearly $500US in fundraising. Even so, the volunteer time was worth it and paid staff time might not have been worth it .... yet.)

Let folks know that the RL strategies have analagous strategies inworld. There are press outlets inworld (AVAstar, SLCN, Metaverse Messenger), blogs that cover SL (do we have a nonprofit-related listing? Should/could we?), and many, many groups that may be related or that are spot on the topic that folks are seeking to publicize or for which they are working to raise funds.

Okay, so those are some random (and not so random) thoughts, so far.

If I can attend (many too many variables, so far to be able to predict that at this time) I'm happy to serve on a panel or two, if that would be helpful.



Brad Lewis (RL)
Veri Oddfellow (SL)
Board Chair
Great Strides


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