Social Networking for Your Avatar


So maybe you're juggling multiple social networking sites--Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, etc., but now there's a new type of social networking site--specifically for your avatars. KoinUp is a new social networking site designed for managing your virtual worlds. What makes KoinUp unique from other online social networking sites is that it focuses specifically on content created in virtual worlds, metaverses, and games.

KoinUp allows you to publish multiple kinds of media, from images to video to image stillboards (storyboards). KoinUp also allows for crossposting, making it easy to load pictures onto
and other photo sharing sites from within the KoinUp interface. As the Free to Play blog reports, KoinUp just might be the future for managing your virtual world identities. While KoinUp is at present, a spot for documenting virtual worlds, it will be worth paying attention to see whether there will be integration in the future between KoinUp and virtual worlds. I found the questions this blog entry posed to be very interesting:

  1. Do people use similar avatar personalities in different worlds?
  2. How many people use multiple virtual worlds concurrently?
  3. Couldn’t Facebook or myspace easily incorporate avatar profiles -
    either on their own or as a section of your primary profile - thereby
    eroding the market for standalone avatar social networks?

For me, KoinUp brings up the question of whether online social networking sites will increasingly move more towards integration with virtual worlds. It also reiterates the need for interoperability standards between different platforms as multiple networks become increasingly connected.


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