Volunteers meeting at Nonprofit Commons ampitheatre tomorrow

For those of you who are interested, we will be having our first volunteers meeting for the Nonprofit Commons project tomorrow, Thursday at 8:00am PST/SLT.

Meet us at the ampitheatre (search map for plush nonprofit commons or IM me for a landmark)

See you there!

If you are just interested in joining in but haven't signed up yet, feel free to join us anyway!


I'd love to make it, but I

I'd love to make it, but I have a commitment outside the office which will make it impossible. Let me know how it goes though!

my tasks/questions from today's meeting

short and sweet and to the point.

I'm going to integrate the old and new info lists of tenants, and all their identifying info (logos, mission, contacts, address) into our shared google doc
Also going to help SaveG with what she needs for easy reserving of places.

Here are two questions for you all...

We talked about some kind of numbering system, office numbers. Glitteractica, do they actually exist in a plan somewhere? If they do it would make sense, even though they are not officially installed on the office itself, to use the same legend.

Also, does anyone know if the sim plan is still under revision. Now in the SE, off the "main" street there seems to be no easy passage around one building, making finding the office immediately to its east a bit weird. I'm pretty sure this changed from when we all visited the other Friday morning. Could someone confirm if the buildings are set yet, because it would be sad to start the assigning process if that was still in flux.

I will get Tom/Frank to answer these questions

He would know the answers to these better than I would.


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.