World Peace Display Needs a New Home

From Ken Hudson - Kenny Hubble :

I am writing on behalf of The Institute of Compassion and Peace located in Lunata. For the past couple of months I have been working with the creator of the inter-faith religious display to prepare it for official launch. Unfortunately, the party who had been funding the space is pulling out of the project just as we near completion.

Creator Herman Vos (Herman Bergson, sl) has asked me to appeal to the communities in SL to help preserve this wonderfully detailed display that is dedicated to cooperation and world peace. His sincere hope is that his creation is given a suitable place within SL to continue to promote these ideals.

Herman is willing to give the structures (wonderful church, mosque, synagogue, and so forth) to anyone who wants to use them to continue this vision. Ideally there is a piece of land on someone's island where all of the buildings could be seen together. If there are teachers of religion, philosophy, or international diplomacy, perhaps those would make ready-fits for this display.

Please visit the location in Lunata and have a look at the near ready display. If you are interested in using the buildings, please contact Herman Bergson in-world or myself.

Thank you for your consideration of this most worthy project.

Ken Hudson - Kenny Hubble
Ken Hudson
E-Learning Facilitator
Loyalist College
613-969-1913 ext 2435


What about having us take the stuff and place on the NPC?

Do you think this would be a godd use of the prims? I wonder if we should try to house these things. Thoughts?

How many prims are we

How many prims are we talking about here? I personally like the idea.


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