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Highlights from the Feb. 13, 2009 NPC Meeting

Meet Your NPC Neighbor (Niama Meyersohn)

Rock The Path is a non-profit holistic retreat and educational center located in Camden, Maine. The "Path" is the journey that each of us travels during our lifetime and to "Rock The Path" is a direct invitation to take part in the unabashed exploration and expression of your greatest potential.

Highlights from the Feb 6, 2009 NPC Meeting

Black AIDS Awareness Day (Ricken Flow)

Feb 7th is National black aids awareness day and we will be having a program right here at Nonprofit Commons, starting with a video on hiv/aids and African Americans an open discussion and the wordl music by harleymc. Everyone is welcome. More information at:

Resources for Education in Second Life

There are a lot of great resources out there for conducting classes and furthering educational initiatives in Second Life. Here's a little Friday link luv for some helpful and hopefully interesting articles about education and Second Life.

National Black Aids Awareness Day at Plush Non profit Commons

Come show your support for one of the hardest hit communities of HIV.

Saturday Feb. 7th 2009

Starting at 2 pm we will have a viewing of the short documentary
Into Focus: a talk about hiv in Jamaica

at 2:30 we will have an open discussion

at 3:00 we will have the global sounds of DJ Harley MC

Part of the ongoing support that Techsoup/Non Profit Commons has for health oriented non-profits

For more details contact Ricken Flow in world or email

Health Panel Expo - New Google Group

From Megan "Penguin" Keane....

The group of folks planning the Health Panel Expo in SL has grown so big that to manage it, we've created a separate Google Group for planning:

Highlights from the Jan. 30, 2009 NPC Meeting

Many thanks to Serene Jewell for compiling this wonderful summary of last Friday's NPC meeting...

Sim Move and Update by In Kenzo and Glitteractica Cookie

What's Your A-ha Moment?

I received this information from RezEd today. I'm a huge fan of the "a-ha" moment and love reading when the light bulb has lit up for other folks. Enjoy!

$50 Honorarium to Share your Aha Moment:

What aha moment did you have in using virtual worlds for learning?

Please send a message (2-5 sentences) describing one key element of your program's success to Global Kids on RezEd.

It's Nonprofit Week on Orange Island!

Nonprofits unite! It's nonprofit week on Orange Island from Monday, January 26th to Thursday, January 29th. Orange Island and NPC are hosting a week of dynamic presenters who have pioneered the way for nonprofits to use virtual worlds.

A full schedule can be found on the Orange Island blog.

NPC Community - We Want To Hear From You!

We are wanting to collect some testimonials on how the NPC community has helped your nonprofit help achieve its real world mission and organizational goals/objectives. This will help newcomers, supporters and visitors to understand the value of our community in SL and RL.

Feel free to respond to this discussion or you can post your testimonial (or comment) on the WIKI Testimonial page at:


Anika Pastorelli

Please Welcome...FasterCures our newest neighbor in NPC

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to our newest NPC neighbor - FasterCures. FasterCures is dedicated to saving lives by saving time. Our mission is to identify and implement global solutions to accelerate the process of discovery and clinical development of new therapies for the treatment of deadly and debilitating diseases.

Draxtor Despres has once again outdone himself with this great feature video which explains the FasterCures mission and goals for SL.


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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