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Demo for the US Department of State

This morning, the members of the Nonprofit Commons demo'd SL for the US Department of State. Bill May (Serotta Keynes in SL) works in public diplomacy, as the Senior Technology Advisor. He invited the Public Diplomacy's Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau (the vast majority of their work is conducted through the NGO community) to shoulder-surf while he introduced the members of the Nonprofit Commons to them.

Social Work Educators and SL

Social Work educators Drs. Bob Vernon from Indiana University (SL: Gabrielli Rossini), Darlene Lynch from Ball State University (SL: Helene Stransky), Paul Freddolino from Michigan State (SL: Raoul Congrejo) Lorrie Gardella (SL: Sunny Bamaisin) from St. Joseph College and Susan Tenby from Techsoup (Glitteractica Cookie) presented a panel discussion on using SL with social work students at the Council on Social Work Education’s conference on October 28th.

Should we move the wikispaces wiki to our own domain?

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Second Life Transgender Day of Remembrance

transgender resource center

Community Profile: Kali Idziak Community Voice Mail

What is your name?

Kali Idziak/SL
Jessica Dally/RL
I represent Community Voice Mail and I am staff member. My job is Help Desk Technician

Why did you decide to come into Second Life?

Top 10 Reasons Why Second Life is Worthwhile for Nonprofits

This recent Second Life scandal has some nonprofit board members concerned about the value for nonprofits using Second Life. Much like the Web, Second Life also has some seedy people out there. But as many nonprofits can attest, the ever-growing community of amazing avatars working for good far outweighs the few "bad apples" or rather "bad avatars."

Here's a list of 10 reasons why Second Life is worthwhile for your nonprofit:

Oleander Health Fair raises dollars and awareness


This past Wed. Nov. 7th, Oleander Island was host to the Womens' Health Fair/Expo. This event sought to educate women on the health issues that concern them in their everyday lives, share ideas, and talk to professionals in the field. In addition, the health fair helped raise linden dollars for the organization, Drive By Agony/Life Learning programs, a non-profit organization that helps victims of crime.

What are Kids learning in Virtual Worlds?

Is your nonprofit considering doing an educational program in Virtual Worlds? Then you won't want to miss this event.

Need to Help Some Newbies Get Started in Second Life?


Check out this excellent slide show from Jeremy Kemp.

Global Kids Open House and Non-profit Career Fair tomorrow in SL

barry joseph of Global Kids

My friends at Global Kids, a New York City based youth empowerment non-profit organization, will be holding an open house and non-profit career fair tomorrow (November 9) within Second Life. This is part of their job search to fill a number of positions within their Online Leadership Program (OLP). Come by from 1-2PM PST to the Global Kids offices on the main grid at the NMC campus sim Teaching (teleport SLURL.) OLP Director Barry Joseph (pictured here) will be speaking on Global Kids programs and Teen Second Life.

These are really cool jobs with a great organization that is on the cutting-edge of virtual technology and education. Additional information about available positions can be found at The application deadline is November 15, so get that resume polished!


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