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It's official: SLCC Nonprofit mini-track will be produced and organized by Glitteractica and Rik Riel

Please check back on the SLCC Blog for details, as it gets closer to September, there will be more informaiton. Remember that we have a Wiki Page where you can volunteer and post your ideas. So far, we have a pretty solid idea of the four sessions (or so) that will be featured in that mini-track. We are still looking for sponsorships, so please contact me, if you are interested in being a sponsor!

Sharon Burns' Virtual Worlds video tour

I just took Sharon Burns' virtual worlds tour and I recommend it, especially if you always wanted to know about the leading virtual worlds, but SL eats up all your time, and you couldn't possibly dare to enter another metaverse.

Community Voice Mail wins philanthropy award

NPC resident Community Voice Mail ( was recently recognized for their work; from the press release:

Free Event Fri. Feb. 29th:Using Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities

Mark your calendars for Friday, Feb. 29th , 2008: Join us for a 1-day free online event happening on's Community forums and in Second Life:

Using Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities

Global Kids is hiring an Online Community Developer/Content Editor

Global Kids Inc., a New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to transforming urban youth into successful students and global and community leaders, is seeking to fill a short-term freelance position as Online Community Developer/Content Editor, to be filled within our New York City offices or remotely. The position will run from mid-March until end of June.

The Online Community Developer/Content Editor will work with staff at Global Kids to create the structure and content for a new social networking site called “RezEd: A Hub for Virtual World Educators.” This project is designed to provide educators using virtual worlds with access to the highest quality resources and research in the field, and to use the most effective technology to establish a strong network of those using virtual worlds for education. RezEd features will include podcasts, newsletters, best practice documents, contributor blogs, an event calendar, job postings, resource library, listserv, and other social networking functions.

See the complete job description at

Katie sustained a serious leg injury. Please help.

Dear Friends of Great Strides (a Nonprofit Commons tenant on Aloft Island),

Katie, a 5 year old Gypsy Vanner who lives at our farm and works with clients, sustained a rather severe leg injury this week. While we are pleased to report that she is recovering from her surgery, she will require several weeks of hospital care, followed by an extensive recovery period back home.

NetSquared MashUp Challenge

Handyland speaking

Handyland Fairymeadow, a member of the NetSquared project team, spoke at the meeting today at the Nonprofit Commons Ampitheater about the NetSquared MashUp Challenge.

Postscript+Chatlog: Event on Best Practices for Nonprofits in Second Life a big success!

Speakers at Best Practices for Non-profits in SL Event
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of leading up a panel of non-profit experts talking about "Best Practices for Non-profits in Second Life," held at the Plush Nonprofit Commons in SL.  Speakers shown from left to right are:

  • Lori Bell, Alliance Library System
  • Rafi Santo, Global Kids
  • Jade Lily, SL Relay for Life
  • Jimbo Hoyer, YearlyKos in SL
  • myself
  • and Glitteractica Cookie, TechSoup

I couldn't have asked for a better group of speakers on the subject!

Pulling off the event was a real team effort, involving my lovely green friend In Kenzo producing the event, Penguin Kuhn moderating in-world, and cyber-goddess Rhiannon Chatnoir helping with the audio stream.  Streaming into the grid seven people from different locations (including In Kenzo as question passer) via Skype was very ambitious and frankly I'm a bit surprised that it worked.

We reportedly had 82+ avatars present and we maxed out our audio stream for most of the talk!  For those that were not able to attend or had the audio cut out on them, we've posted an audio file of the entire event to You can check out the Best Practices for Nonprofits white paper and also read the (slightly edited) chat log after the jump.  Thanks, everyone for coming! 

Crowd of Avatars at Best Practices for Nonprofits in SL event

Panel Discussion on “Best Practices for Nonprofits in Second Life”
February 8, 2008
Amphitheater, Plush Nonprofit Commons sim, Second Life

"Get Activated!" Leading Non-profits Discuss "Best Practices" for Activism, Collaboration, Education, and Fundraising in Virtual


Get Activated!
Leading Non-profits Discuss "Best Practices" for Using Virtual Worlds for Activism, Collaboration, Education, and Fundraising

Friday, February 8, 8:30AM PST, Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater in Second Life

The year 2007 was a remarkable year for charitable and civil society activity in Second Life -- from the launch of the 32-office Plush Nonprofit Commons to the record US$100,000 raised by the SL Relay for Life.  On Friday, February 8, from 8:30-9:30AM PST, there will be presentation and discussion on "Best Practices for Non-profits in Second Life." Based on a report prepared by Global Kids organizer Rik Panganiban, the program will explore what are some of the lessons that non-profits have learned from their first forays into the virtual world. 

Event Details:
TITLE:               Presentation and Discussion on "Best Practices for Non-profits in Second Life"
DATE / TIME:       Friday, February 8, 2008, 8:30-9:30AM PST
LOCATION:         Main Amphitheater, Plush Nonprofit Commons sim (teleport SLURL )

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The Nonprofit Commons would like to know how it has helped your organization. Please take this quick survey. It's only three questions long and will only take a minute or two. We'd really appreciate it as your responses will help us talk about the impact the Nonprofit Commons are having on nonprofits working for social change. So take a moment to fill out the survey--and thank you for your help.


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