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The Nonprofit Commons would like to know how it has helped your organization. Please take this quick survey. It's only three questions long and will only take a minute or two. We'd really appreciate it as your responses will help us talk about the impact the Nonprofit Commons are having on nonprofits working for social change. So take a moment to fill out the survey--and thank you for your help.

Ideas needed for Non-profit track at SLCC 08

At the last Non Profit Commons meeting, Rhiannon, Glitteractica and I announced that the program for the 2008 Second Life Community Convention is being organized now, and that if there is to be a non-profit presence that we need to get in a Request for Proposals (RFP) very quickly. SLCC08 is scheduled for September 5-7 in Tampa, Florida.

We would like to strongly encourage groups to indicate their interest in organizing specific sessions or talks on different subject matter at SLCC. You don't have to commit to being there (yet), but just indicate your interest in the subject area. Head to the wiki page here and put in your ideas.

The deadline has been extended for RFPs by the SLCC committee, but time is still very short.

Also, if you have ideas and suggestions for possible sponsors and financial supporters of non-profit activity at SLCC, please put it up on the wiki page as well.

Thanks so much for your contributions!

Robin Linden and Jack Balkin to talk on "avatar civil rights" on January 28


On Monday, January 28, there will be a public forum on the topic "Virtual Liberties: Do Avatars Dream of Civil Rights?" featuring Jack Balkin , First Amendment legal expert at Yale Law School, and Robin Linden, head of marketing and business development at Linden Lab. Part of the "MacArthur Series on Philanthropy and Virtual Worlds," the event is co-presented by the USC Institute for Network Culture and Global Kids . This will be a multi-verse event, taking place both in Second Life and Teen Second Life, as well as audio streamed to the web for the VW-impaired.

The complete announcement after the jump....


NPSL on MSNBC. Cool.

Kiva in SL's Grand Opening Party at the NPC a grand success.

The Grand Opening of Kiva in Second Life's office was a grand success. Our final avatar count was 41, which included the people who dropped in through the ceiling. There were several reporters there, including the editor from Prim Perfect.

There was dancing and champagne, and talks by Skeeboo Tammass (Joe), Elron, and Julles Boucher (Julia) about Kiva and Kiva Friends and all that is going on in Second Life about Kiva.

Using FaceBook to Raise Funds!

Got FaceBook? Then please help us to raise $1,000.00 to send school supplies to our students in Lesotho, southern Africa.

KivaFriends Tour - Visit to the Ectopia Sim

KivaFriends in SL is starting to tour Second Life. These tours are social events open to everyone, they are very informal, we will just be visiting sims together to explore and learn about what's going on in Second Life. When we can, we'll have the sims owners join us and give us personal tours.

The first tour will be January 12th, 10:30am - 12pm SL (Pacific time). Details about the event are

Kickoff Party for the opening of Kiva in Second Life's office in the Non Profit Commons Sim

Kiva has moved into the Non Profit Commons! We are located in office #23, in the top left of the sim. Our kick-off opening party will be:

Saturday January 5th, 2008, 10:30am-12noon

Tell all your friends!

Any new Kiva lender or anyone who makes a Kiva loan during the event can receive a Real Life kiva wristband.

The largest inworld Linden donation between 10:30-12 will relieve a 2008 Kivafriends Calendar .

Interview with Kyle Reis/Zazoom Zimminy

1.  Your rl/sl name and affiliation:
Kyle Reis/Zazoom Zimminy, Board Co-Chair of the Grants Managers Network (GMN) and Assistant Manager, Program Staff Development at the Ford Foundation

2.  How did you get involved in the NP Commons?  Why?


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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