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Virtual Conferences - Some Helpful Information

I found this really interesting post on one gentleman's journey through Second Life and specifically virtual conferences. I hope that you find this post helpful - good stuff!

Editorial: Virtual conferences in Second Life

Evaluation of the Global Kids Science through Second Life project

Great information from Rafi Santo....

I thought I'd share with you all the recent independent evaluation that was completed about the Science through Second Life project that we ran during the last school year. The project integrated Second Life and wide range of web tools into a standards based high school science class in New York City. Among the findings:

- Students' attitudes towards science-related careers changed positively with the StSL curriculum.
- Students' self-efficacy and self-confidence in their abilities to do science-related work increased.

Inauguration Accommodations at an NPC member's Horse Farm

Fellow NPCers,

Do a good deed for an NPC member program (Great Strides) working hard to keep the barn doors open (IRL in MD) and pass along this info for Inauguration Accommodations on a horse farm! Full details at: or call Terry at: 301-928-8118.

Photo of house attached!



Brad Lewis, RL
Veri Oddfellow, SL (Aloft Nonprofit Commons Tenant)
Board Chair
Great Strides

Recent Press on 2009: Virtual Charity, Virtual Socializing & Giving Circles

Hi, NPC & TechSoup Members - Happy New Year!

Here are some articles I found on things to watch out for in 2009, including virtual charity, virtual socialzing/therapy and Giving Circles...enjoy!

SmartMoney (December 24, 2008)
The New Way to Give: Virtual Charity by Reshma Kapadia

SmartMoney (December 24, 2008)
The New Way to Give: Be Your Own Charity (become a Giving Circle)

Canadian Colleges Exploring Second Life in Higher Education - with Mixed Results

This is an interesting blog post from University Affairs about the perceived ups and downs of Second Life as discovered by Loyalist College, the first Canadian college to have a presence in Second Life. The post cites the learning curve to truly understand SL and computer hardware requirements as drawbacks to educating in the virtual world. The college does believe that SL offers the most opportunities for educators.


How Many People Have Visited?

We started tracking traffic on the nonprofitcommons on March 20th, 2007. It was a trickle at first--10 or 12 visitors a day. I thought it might be of interest to give an overview of what we look like as a community. How many of us have come? What have we been using? How long do we stay?

A couple of weeks back, I started doing an analysis of the past two years. I thought it would be interesting give a brief over view of traffic and where that traffic has come from.

The Second Coming of Second Life - Video

Many thanks to Draxtor for this most excellent video!

GimpGirl Community Festival - December 11th

Join us before you head off to the Common Ground meeting on Plush.:)

GimpGirl Community Festival
This is an online, international event that will be held in Second Life, but is accessible to those not on Second Life via IRC chat. See below for details.

Scenarios USA & Global Kids Present the Virtual Premiere of the 2008 Real Deal Youth Films December 17

On Wednesday December 17, Scenarios USA and Global Kids will be hosting the virtual premiere of the three youth-written short films produced by Scenarios on the subject "What's the Real Deal about Masculinity?". Taking place on both the Teen Grid and Main Grid of Second Life, both youth and adult residents will be able to watch excerpts from the three films, listen to a live interview with two of the youth writers and Rob York of Scenarios, and ask questions about the films.

WHEN: December 17, 2008, 12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST


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