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"Dropping Knowledge: How Virtual World Educators are Changing Real Lives" This Monday, November 17

On Monday, November 17, from 3-5PM PST, come to the first virtual conference sponsored by, the social network for virtual world educators, taking place in the Justice Center (click here to teleport). The event will feature a panel discussion of leading educators and researchers working in virtual world education, a "birds of a feather" breakout session, and social mixer for letting our virtual hair down!

Knight News Challenge -- Opensource Grantmaking

Hi All,

It would be great if you could point your browser at: OpenSource Grant Making System on the Knight News Challenge, register and cast your vote in support.

We're trying to put together a free opensource alternative to other grantmaking solutions. Your vote (5 stars!) would be helpful.

Matthew (Creech)

Real World Impacts from the Virtual World - Nov. 17

Please save the date on this upcoming event in Second Life on "Real World Impacts from the Virtual World" on learning in virtual worlds on November 17 from 3-5pm. There are several of your non-profit colleagues who will be participating including Techsoup, Native Lands, the Ability Commons, the Texas Obesity Research Center, and Global Kids.

Sneak Preview of MacArthur Foundation's new island in Second Life
November 17th 1-5PM PST

Reminder: Transitions: A Place for Dreams has a Knight entry!

- and it would mean so much if you'd check out our proposal. We hope you love it, and vote it five stars!

In seven days, a small number of projects will be chosen to submit a full proposal, and we'd love to be one.

Knight News Challenge Application

Hi All,

I need your help! The company I work for, pingVision, has submitted an application to the Knight News Challenge. I've written about this project before. We'd like to build an open source Drupal based grant making system. If you'd like to see a free option available in this arena, please go to:

OpenSource Grant Making System and cast your vote in support.

Common Ground Event - ORANGE is in da house!

Group Notice From: Zinnia Zauber

Please join us Thursday at 7 PM SLT for Common Ground @ Plush Nonprofit Commons!

The Common Ground event is an opportunity for nonprofit folks and people curious about our causes to meet and greet on a weekly basis. There will be networking, dancing, and merriment!

To enjoy unity and a chance to go through your clothing inventory with glee - our color theme is ORANGE!

IM Ricken Flow, our awesome DJ, your song requests!

Next week - YELLOW!

SL Celebration of Human Rights - Dec. 10

As you may have heard there is going to be a Festival in SL celebrating Human Rights starting 10 December. It´s 60 years since the UN launched the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We have started now to organize the festival. How big it will be depends on how many events, concerts & exhibitions YOU send us.

We hope that you all think this is important and will help us to make this Festival a successful one.

A travel HUD will take people to different locations in SL with exhibitions, concerts and events promoting human rights issues. There will also be a website.

Transitions: A Place for Dreams Has a Project in the Knight News Challenge

Transitions: A Place for Dreams has a project in the Knight News Challenge. We'd like you to check it out. We hope you love it and will rate it high for us!

VIRTUAL PRAXIS: A Conference on Women's Community in Second Life - Nov. 15

Many thanks to Penguin Kuhn for passing along all of the information on Virtual Praxis. There is loads of information here, so enjoy and let Penguin know if you would like to attend.

Here's the program for our upcoming conference -- if you'd like to attend, let me know and I will add you to the group.

To be held on Minerva, the teaching and research space in Second Life maintained by The Department of Women’s Studies, Ohio State University
Saturday, November 15, 2008

Introducing ""

I am a Dad.

I became a father about three and a half years ago by adopting a little girl in my immediate community that needed a mom and a dad. My wife and I had looked at adopting internationally but ultimately decided that there was so much need in our own backyard that we would grow our family through social services. My wife and I started out as foster parents and ultimately segued into finalising.


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