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5 Finalists in USC Public Good & Second Life Community Challenge Announced -- vote for your favorites!

We just announced in-world the five finalists in the USC Network Culture Project's "Second Life and Public Good Community Challenge". They are:

Congrats to all the finalists, and all those that participated!

Event Calendar

You may have noticed that there is now an event calendar on the site.  There is a tab at the top of the site that will lead you to the calendar.  The idea is to provide a place where we can all see what events are happening in the sims and when.  With any luck, it will help the NPC managers book events in an intelligent way.
If you want to make use of one of the public spaces or are going to have an event in your own space--please contact Penguin (Megan) to make arrangements for booking/listing.
Thanks!Creech (Matthew)

2 jobs available for community development project in Boston using Second Life


Gene Koo of the Berkman Center at Harvard wanted me to pass around these job notices for an innovative project called "Hub2":

"Hub2 seeks to enable local neighborhoods to participate more meaningfully in the design and development of their own public spaces. Residents engage in a process that employs 3D tools and  problem-solving techniques to articulate a common vision reflecting the participants’  values. Over the next 3 months, Hub2 will work with Allston residents and stakeholders, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, and Harvard’s Allston Development Group to design Library Park. Hub2 seeks enthusiastic and community-minded staff to pioneer this cutting-edge program. "

Hub2 is looking for a "Youth Coordinator" and "Project Coordinator." Check the two job descriptions for more info or visit

Second Life Down for Emergency Maintenance--RESOLVED

UPDATE: SL is back up. I was able to get in about 9:10. If you missed the NPC meeting, never fear, you can catch transcript to be posted here

As I'm sure some of you have encountered already today, Second Life is currently down for emergency maintenance. It's currently not allowing anyone to log in. Per their grid status page:

"We have to close logins for a while to enable the database to process the overflow from earlier. The landstore is not accessible for the moment as well."

Come to the Party!

As many of you know SL is about to turn 5 years old... Yup, a whole handful! This is a great opportunity to bring some attention to the work your nonprofit is doing in SL and RL.

As Linden Labs announced yesterday the party will be a two week event with the second week featuring exhibits from “business, education, health care and nonprofits”. Not only that but as they stated in their blog on Tuesday, June 3rd,

“We’ll close with a ceremony including a special guest speaker
with a very important announcement. “

The suspense is killing me!

New Perspective on NPC2 Launch Event

Hi. Penguin asked me to cross-post my blog entry "Get a (Second) Life" about the Netsquared event from my newbie perspective. For your reading enjoyment ...

I attended TechSoup’s NetSquared Conference today in Second Life about the launch of the Nonprofit Commons 2. If that sentence doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry. I’ll explain. Up until now, I have been avoiding Second Life - an online virtual world where you can meet people, shop, fly, do lots of fun stuff. It took me years to get over my computer game addiction and I don’t need another distraction from my job search. But now I find that nonprofits are using Second Life to spread their message, fundraise, and even fulfill their missions “in world.” I had to check that out.

NPC2 (Aloft) Grand Opening a Success!

Congratulations to all on the resounding success of the NPC2 May 28th Grand Opening, including the Net Squared mixed reality event in the morning in CA and the superb musical events and activities that followed well into the night (with as many as 75 avatars at one time), capped by an impromptu midnight dance celebration and fireworks!

Mixed Reality Aloft Nonprofit Commons Launch at NetSquared Conference

Hi, I'm BJ Wishinsky, Communities Program Manager for the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology ( At Glitter and Penguin's requests, I'm cross-posting here my live-blog on this event from the NetSquared Conference blog.

San Francisco Meets the Metaverse 3

Join in the Celebration of the Launch of the Second Nonprofit Commons Sim! Nonprofits and their supporters will be hosting a mixed reality grand opening celebration in San Jose as part of the NetSquared conference and in the metaverse on Wednesday, May 28, 2008, starting at 10:00 A.M. PST/SLT (Second Life Time), in the new second Nonprofit Commons location.


Dancing at Aloft Island Fun-Raiser

If you didn't make it to the SL event on May 17, please consider helping three worthy causes with one simple donation.

A higher quality video is available on YouTube


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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