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Transitions: A Place for Dreams Has a Project in the Knight News Challenge

Transitions: A Place for Dreams has a project in the Knight News Challenge. We'd like you to check it out. We hope you love it and will rate it high for us!

VIRTUAL PRAXIS: A Conference on Women's Community in Second Life - Nov. 15

Many thanks to Penguin Kuhn for passing along all of the information on Virtual Praxis. There is loads of information here, so enjoy and let Penguin know if you would like to attend.

Here's the program for our upcoming conference -- if you'd like to attend, let me know and I will add you to the group.

To be held on Minerva, the teaching and research space in Second Life maintained by The Department of Women’s Studies, Ohio State University
Saturday, November 15, 2008

Introducing ""

I am a Dad.

I became a father about three and a half years ago by adopting a little girl in my immediate community that needed a mom and a dad. My wife and I had looked at adopting internationally but ultimately decided that there was so much need in our own backyard that we would grow our family through social services. My wife and I started out as foster parents and ultimately segued into finalising.

More Great Info on the Halloween Party

Many thanks to Anika for sharing the full scoop on the Halloween party...

NPC Halloween Party - A Howling Success!

October 25 hosted all sorts of ghouls, goblins and other odd entities at the NPC Halloween party. DJ Ricken Flow rocked the dance floor while party goers went trick-or-treating from office to office. All in attendance had a devilishly delightful time and are looking forward to the next big NPC event. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this event a huge success!

Out with the Old and In with the New

You've probably noticed a change to the Commons' Web site.

  • It has a bit of a new look
  • Site elements have moved some.
  • The site has been upgraded from Drupal 5.x to 6.x
  • You'll see that URLs are now human friendly
  • An XML sitemap has been added for URL spiders
  • Meta-tags can be added to each post

As you look around, if you see anything that is out of place or not working correctly--please let me know!

Creech Antwerp (Matthew Saunders)

Excellent Videos - Public Good Challenge

At the Friday meeting, Draxtor Despres gave us a great presentation on the public good challenge, produced for the Network
Culture Project at USC. Drax is working on a three part video series to represent the project and parts 1 and 2 are now complete. I took some time to watch them this morning and I have to say that they are VERY well done and incredibly informative. I would encourage everyone to take a look.

Network Culture Project - Public Good Challenge Part 1

How Do I Get My Volunteers Involved in SL?

As a relative newbie in SL and NPC, I am still learning pretty much everything. I would love for my NP organization to have a presence in SL, however, I am relatively sure that I am the only member of my nonprofit that has an account. And while I am happy to do what I can to help out my org, I simply can't be the only person supporting our presence. We are an all volunteer NP which adds to the challenge.

New Report! Nonprofits in Second Life: Promoting Causes Inside Second Life for Real World Impact has just published the latest study on the benefits, impact, challenges and opportunities of nonprofits in Second Life at:

Written by Anika Pastorelli (Sandy Bettger) of GCN, this report represents a collaborative effort among 12 nonprofits, TechSoup and NPC volunteers in capturing, analyzing and presenting the benefits and impact of nonprofits in a virtual world. We hope the study will help all nonprofits in SL to strengthen their rationale and strategy, promote their causes and achieve greater impact.

Peggy Weil and Nonny de la Peña Discuss Using Art for Political Activism at Justice Center October 24

Can virtual art stimulate real-world political action? Find out on Friday, October 24, as digital media artists Peggy Weil (Ping Rau in SL) and Nonny de la Peña (Nonny Writer) discuss how they are using 3D artwork as a form of political expression and civic engagement. At the Justice Center (click here to teleport ) from 10-11am PST on October 24.

Peggy and Nonny have been involved in a number of ground-breaking digital media projects that explore the intersections of art and politics, from "The Redistricting Game" that Peggy designed to "Unconstitutional" a documentary of civil liberties in America post 9/11 produced by Nonny. They will talk about their latest explorations of political artwork in SL, from the "Gone Gitmo" project to the "Mauerkrankheit/Wallsickness" installation that was an Annenberg Public Good Merit Award winner. Then we will teleport over to their exhibits to get a guided tour from them!


Many thanks to Brownrice Internet for hosting the NPSL site.

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