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California Association of Nonprofits Broadcast from Second Voice Chat


Yesterday Glitter, Jessika, Ine Kenzo, and Beth Kavka were all presenting in-world for the California Association of Nonprofits conference. As a last minute idea, I decided to join the conference in-world as an audience member. Glitteractica Cookie sat across from in the real world as her avatar fielded questions and answers from the presentation.

In Praise of Interoperability: Facebook finally goes to SecondLife

After the Virtual Worlds conference, the universal mantra seemed to be "we need interoperability!" Well, guess what folks? It has started. Enter Facebook in SL...although the entry in a little awkward (you have to TP in to the Facebook headquarters inworld and then verify yourself and then leave again to complete your profile, which is somewhat limited and doesn't integrate well with your original FB profile), it is still a step in the right direction.

Drupal Basics-Setting Up A Local Install of Drupal on a Mac

Seeing as this site is a Drupal site, I thought our members might be interested in how to set up Drupal locally on a computer.

The first time I ever set up a local install of Drupal was a copy of 4.7.4.  I remember aspects of setting things up being a little convoluted.  5.x had not gone into full release--I believe it was in RC 1.  So there was no installer and it proved to be an interesting challenge.  With the advent of 5.x, things have become much simpler.  I'm going to describe how to set up a local install of Drupal 5.x on a Mac.


Social Networking for Your Avatar


So maybe you're juggling multiple social networking sites--Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, etc., but now there's a new type of social networking site--specifically for your avatars. KoinUp is a new social networking site designed for managing your virtual worlds. What makes KoinUp unique from other online social networking sites is that it focuses specifically on content created in virtual worlds, metaverses, and games.

Drupal Basics-Feed Categories

I was asked by a good friend if I could merge the NPSL Offside Links and the NPSL links feeds into a single feed on in a block on the left side of the site. I took care of it this evening, and it is actually a piece of cake to do. These steps work in Drupal 5.x.

My take-aways from the Virtual Worlds Conference in Silicon Valley, October 10-11, 2007

I am just recovering from the virtual worlds conference and I wanted to get down some notes before I lost track of the context in which my notes originated.

This was a phenomenally interesting conference and I was very surprised at how many virtual worlds and companies that work within them were represented. The Creator of CSI, Anthony Zuiker

Special deals for non-profits on YouTube / Google


I was checking out the cool Nonprofit Communicators blog and found out that Google/ YouTube are offering some special deals for US not-for-profits that I thought others in our community might be interested in. Here's what you get:

  • Premium branding capabilities and increased video uploading capacity
  • Rotation of your videos in the "Promoted Videos" areas throughout the site
  • The option to drive fundraising through a Google Checkout "Donate" button
  • Free Google Checkout processing of donations online

You have to create a free YouTube account and be a legitimate 501(c)(3) US not-for-profit organization to qualify.  Head for these YouTube and Google links for more info.

Support Burma in Second Life: Red T-Shirt and Vigil on Commonwealth Island


Attended the Nonprofit Commons and there was a T-Shirt giver and I got my virtual T-Shirt.  There's also a vigil being held today organized by the Peacemaker Institute on Commonwealth Island.  Here's the information on the notecard:

Update on "Pink for Life" mixed-reality breast cancer charity event


Wow, there is like a ton of in-world activity going on around cancer lately.  Here's yet another cancer-related benefit coming up in October.

Yogi Huldschinsky, the organizer of an upcoming charity event entitled "Pink for Life," contacted me regarding some changes to their mixed-reality event, which I have blogged about previously.  "Pink for Life" is a benefit for the Institut Gustave Roussy, a prominent French breast cancer research center, taking place October 9-10. 

First of all, Yogi tells me that they succeeded in getting the permission of several real world luxury brands to reproduce their products in Second Life for auction.  (So that's not a knock-off virtual Prada bag, honey!)  Also they will no longer be holding a virtual auction, and instead will be giving away pink ribbons and asking for linden dollar donations. SL designers are still asked to "lend" pink objects for display, but they won't be up for sale or auction.

Oh yeah, they are also looking for models to strut their stuff on the runway with the donated goods. 

Hit the jump for the complete announcement or go to


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